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Model VZ HGe 4/4I

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Highlites of the model:

  • 2 strong Buhlermotors
  • Traction on all axes
  • With or without Cog traction
  • The version without Cogwheel will drive through R1
  • Frame and body made of strong plastic
  • Stainless Stell wheels with 9 spokes
  • Swiss lighting
  • Interiorlights
  • Cabinlights
  • Many seperatly attached items
  • Prepared for Massoth decouplers
  • Speaker-prepared
  • Windows with seperate glass
  • Your choice of number: 11-15
  • Starting november 2016 the Cog tractions are made even better. Aluminium pullies are used to drive the belt. With this the cog wheel is able to support more power.

VZ Krokodil


VZ Krokodil

VZ Krokodil