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The Ge 2/2 is a small locomotive that started his love on the Berninabahn. Only 2 pieces of this tyoe are build. Originally the had the numbers 61 and 62, later these numbers were changed in 161 and 162.

The 2 loco;s were used by the Berninabahn as helper-loco’s to help pulling heavy trains up the mountain. Originally they were brown with Lyra-panto’s on the roof. In 1942, when the Berninabahn became a part of the Rhaetian Railroad, the loco’s were modernized. Today they are still in service, having an orange colour and with a single-leg pantograph. They can be found in Poschiavo as shunting-loco’s.

The German magazine Gartenbahn Profi had an article about thee locos: here