Do you have a wish? Tell us!

At almost every exhibition we are asked whether we can also build special models. The answer to this is always “yes!”, Provided that a few conditions can be met. These conditions can be divided into 3 and:

  • Is the model technically feasible?
  • Is it a model that interests more people?
  • Is the price feasible?
  • When we ask these questions, we always work in the same way. First image material and sizes are collected. If the model is known to us, that saves a lot. With the sizes, a rough estimate can be made of the costs for building this model. We bear the costs for developing (making the drawings, selecting suppliers for specific parts) provided that we decide that the model is included in our price list. If we think that a model cannot be sold at least 10 times (or you wish to have a unique model) then these costs become part of the bill. And so we can name an amount for which your desired model can be produced. And then it’s your turn to say yes or no to this.

    In the past we have received a question for the following models:

  • RhB The 4/4 151, the Baggage Truck on the Berninabaan. A wish model for a Swiss customer. Included in our model list.
  • MOB ABde 8/8 4001 Triebwagen, the two-part train of the MOB that was taken out of service last year but is still being used. Included in our model list.
  • SBB LRZ, where the customer has purchased the drawings to be able to produce this model themselves.
  • WP&Y Shovelnose. Realized in 2 months, then included in our model list.
  • The Mallorca tram, not realized because the price was too high.
  • RTM 37, the steam engine that is being rebuilt at the RTM. Included in our model list.
  • Ferrocarriles Argentinos GE-95, a spin-off from the Shovelnose. 2 pieces are built for a customer, further interest is not expected.
  • RhB Ge 3/3 214-215, shunting locks at the RhB, winner of our model request question via Facebook in 2017.
  • VZ Crocodile in 1:45 scale. An existing model in a different scale.
  • In principle, we are open to everything. So just ask if we can help you realize your wish. Questions are free and cost nothing!

    Another new desired model: a Faur L45H. On request, this locomotive was developed for a customer from Germany, who had little confidence in the models available until now. 2 Bühler motors, smoke generator and an ESU LokSound decoder. There is a good chance that this model will be included in our model list.

    Our latest wish model: 2 General Electric series 95 locomotives from the Ferrocarrilas Argentinos (Transandino). Built for a German customer.