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WP&Y GE 90 – Model

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The model of the White Pass & Yukon Railroad van be ordered in several liveries. All 3 colorschemes can be ordered (the pictures can be seen under “Original”). Besides that you can choose the Analog version (very suitable when you use RC control) or in the digital version with an ESU digital decoder. Also a “dummy” version will be available (no motors, gears or electronics). The model is prepared for the easy installation of a smoke generator.

All modellen have:

  • Stainless steel wheelrims
  • 2 B├╝hlermotors
  • All axles powered via a belt and worm gears
  • Axles with ball bearings
  • Housing made of strong plastic
  • Frame from Stainless Steel
  • Separate windows
  • Illumination with warm white and red leds
  • Cabinelightg
  • Many separate installed detals
  • Prepared to take a smoke unit
  • The analog model has:

  • Simpel lighting
  • A removable part in the back to accomodate a plug for the charger
  • Th digital version has:

  • ESU LokSound V5 decoder
  • VisaTon speaker
  • The typical lighting form locomotives in the US/Canada.