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Why Ed’s Garten Bahn?

Since 2012 we from Ed’s Garten Bahn produce small series of models in scale 1:22.5. We are unique with this in several ways: we use modern techniques like 3D printing and our business model offers us the possibility to produces models again and again at the same price. Besides that we offer a large freedom in choosing numbers, colours and components. The only thing we ask you is to give us the time to produce the model. We don’t have stock, every model is built especially for you. So no limited series, you don’t have to rush in deciding before a model is sold out.

A short video with some of our products can be seen here.



Especially for our customers in Switzerland

Starting 6-11-2018 you can order all our models in the shop or webshop of World of Trains in Dürnten (ZH). World of Trains (www.world-of-trains.ch) is synonymous with the world of model trains. They are one of the leading retailers in the area of model trains with several scales and brands and with over 30.000 items they offer everything a model train lover wishes for.

We from Ed’s Garten Bahn are very enthusiastic about this cooperation. With this we offer our Swiss customers a local point of contact for advice about our models and viewing of the models. World of Trains will take care of the complete process: from ordering (in all variations as you are used to) up till the delivery of your order, they will do this for you.

Prices in 2019

Last year pricing for many purchase parts raised. As an example we would like to mention wheel rims (up 12%) and Bühler motors (up 11%). Also 3D Printing became more expensive.
Because of these raises we have to raise some of our prices as well. The maximum raise on selected models is 5% (€ 50,-). The average raise of the total pricelist is 0,95 %. Models that were annouced this year did not increase in price (RhB Ge 3/3 214-215, RhB Ge 4/4 181, RhB Ge 4/4 182, MOB ABDe 8/8).

The new prices are valid starting 1-1-2019, so we’re offering you the possibility to order at the current prices.

The new pricelist can be downloaded here.

MOB ABDe 8/8 also available in a shorter version

Our models are always built in true-to-scale (1:22,5). This means that our carriages are 80 cm long in stead of 68 cm, which is the standard for other suppliers of Swiss models. Because many customers build their garden layout based on these shorter models, there can be problems with our true-to-scale models. In the (often too tight) kurves is the overhead caternary or a tunnelentrance in the way.
To accomodate these customers we offer some of our trains in a shorter scale (RhB Be 4/4 Vorortpendel, RhB ABe 4/4 Fliegende Rhätier, FO BDeh 2/4 Triebwagen).
Starting today the model of the MOB ABDe 8/8 can also be ordered in this shorter scale. A complete train has a lenght of 1356 mm (original 1464 mm). There are no differences between materials and looks of these models.

For more information please contact us via info(at)edgb.nl or the contactform.


MOB ABDe 8/8 4001 video


RhB Gmf 4/4 II video


RhB Ge 3/3 214-215

Our Autumrelease is this model. 3 Axles powered (middle axle with spring), Bühlermotor, Driver turning, door with servocontrol, Swiss lighting or white-red and many more features you should expect on a high-end model like this (but are all standard with us). You can pre-order this loco now. More information cn be found here.


FO BDeh 2/4 pictures in current livery

More information and pictures can be found here

RhB Gmf 4/4 II pictures of the pre-productionmodel

More information and pictures can be found here

RhB xRot mt Snowblower in action

MOB ABDe 8/8 4001 – 4004

During the Gartenbahntreffen in Wollerau the model of the MOB ABDe 8/8 4001 was showed to the public. 100% true to scale and equipped with 4 Bühlermotors and 2 digital decoders.

More information can be found here.



The prototype of the RhB xRot mt snowblower is ready

With rotary ploughs powered by a battery and an adjustable rotationspeed. Buildi ngtime is about 6 months.

MOre information can be found here.


This is how locos with pre-installed uncouplers uncouple:


Until March 31th we are offering the following:

  • When you order a RhB Tm 2/2 you can purchase the Sound upgrade for € 60,- in stead of € 160,-. When you purchase the Massoth decouplers you pay € 80,- in stead of € 130,-.
  • When you order a RhB ABe 4/4 III the Sound upgrade is free in stead of € 160,-.

And don’t forget: when you order, we produce!

With us you can just order this model (with a delivery time of 3-4 months)

More information can be found here.

First productionrun of the RhB Gmf 4/4 234 01 – 04

Shortly we will start with the first prodcutionrun of the RhB Gmf 4/4 234 01 t/m 04. This run is almost sold out. If you are interested in one of the last models, please contact us. The price for this model (with all standard features we normally have and inclusing an ESU Sounddecoder) is € 2.295,-. More information can be found here.

First announcement for a new model in 2018!

The first new model for 2018 that we would like to introduce to you is the model of the RhB Ge 4/4 181. This locomotive originally started its life at the Bernina Bahn as a locomotive with 6 axles (6/6), but due to several problems with the driving rods it was chaged into a 4/4 in 1929. In 1970 the loco was put aside and transferred to the Train Museum of Blonay-Chamby, were it was regularly used until 1990. It then became part of the static fleet. This year BC is organizing a big Bernina Festival and the loco will be driving again.
The model is 610 mm long and has several functions. These can be found here.

First pictures of the productionmodel of the Backer & Rueb RTM 37

Here are the first pictures of the Backer & Rueb loco. You can see more with this link. Don’t forget to click on the picture for a full screen view.


Ed’s Garten Bahn celebrates 5 years

On 12-12-2012 Ed’s Garten Bahn was enlisted in the Chamber of Commerce. So we are celebrating 5 years! During these 5 years we’ve accomplished a lot: many models, AutoMobilia. And we were part in fulfilling the dream of many customers. Either with one of our models, but also with specific parts, custom built bogies etc. All the talks we had shared the passion for our fantastic hobby: large scale railroading. The unique possibilities of 3D printing made it possible to build small series. We saw the advantages already 5 years ago. And we will continue this for the following years.


Ed’s Garten Bahn supports MGBahn-Historic foundation


In 2016 th foundation MBBahn-Historic (www.mgbahn-historic.ch) was founded. This foundation sets the goal to keep classic FO, VZ en BVZ locos for the future. Because we build all these locos we decided to support MGBahn-Historic starting now with a donation of € 50,- for every of these models sold.
So wehn you buy one of these models you not only get an unique model, you also help to save the original for the future!


Backer & Rueb RTM 37

More information can be found here


Fliegende Rhätier:


New: Mercedes Unimog 400 Multi-Purpose-Vehicule

RhB ABe 4/4 501

Equipped with an ESu decoder with powerbuffer, a Bühlermotor that propells the read wheel and guide wheels with ball bearings that take care of the power pickup. The price of this model is € 299,-. Interested? Please use the contact form. ATTENTION: The distance between the guide wheels is large. Therefore this model is not suitable to drive over R1 track


Customer pictures of the RhB ABe 4/4 501 Fliegende Rhätier in LGB scale (68 cm long)

RhB ABe 4/4 501
More pictures can be found on the Modelpage


The first pictures of the model of the RhB ABe 4/4 501 Fliegende Rhätier in LGB scale (68 cm long)

RhB ABe 4/4 501

More pictures can be seen on the Modelpage

The first pictures of the model of the RhB ABe 4/4 III Bernina Triebwagen

RhB ABe 4/4 III

More pictures can be seen on the Modelpage





New pricing for 2017


The pricelist for 2017 is published. Some models got cheaper, some got more expensive. The new pricing is valid starting 01-01-2017. You can download the priclist here: Pricelist



Test of the Tm 2/2 in Gartenbahn Profi


Gartenbahn Profi performed a test on the Model of the RhB Tm 2/2. This test can be downloaded here (.PDF, 3MB).
In this test some recommendations are made. These will be implemented in the design in the following days. A bigger bottom plate will be installed and the lights will be changed at the backside. Smaller SMD leds will be used so that the backside can be closed. The windows will show black frames. A sidewindow that can be opened however will not be made possible while the construction will be too weak.

More information about this model can be found here.










HGe 4/4

The latetst issue of Gartenbahn Profi showed some pictures.





The first pictures of our new model of the RhB De 2/2 151 can e seen here:Click


De 151





14-6-2016: RhB Be 4/4 515 or 516 in shorter version!


After requests from RhB Lovers with a mid-size layout the model of the Churer Vorortpendel (Be 4/4) can now be ordered in an adjusted length. A 3 carriage train measures 204 cm (68 cm per Carriage), a 4 carriage train 272 cm. Only available with number 515 or 516.




The model is equipped with 2 motorbogies with Bühlermotors and axes in ball-bearings, ESU decoder, LED lighting, LED interiour lighting. Sound in combination with moving pantos is standard.

Pricing: € 3.195,- for a 3 carriage train, € 3.995,- for a 4 carriage train.

Please use the contactform for more information





AutoMobilia Autoverlad


New! Autoverlad, RhB example (carriagetype SKL, also available in FO livery). Drive your AutoMobilia cars om the train. Each carriage has its own digital decoder to control the stopping of the cars and the moving sidings.



AutoMobilia Autoverlad
AutoMobilia Autoverlad


This set is only available on order. Ordering can be done via the webshop: www.webshop.edgb.nl



Drive train RhB Ge 4/6


Several people asked about the drive train of the RhB Ge 4/6. Here are some pictures. A Click gives an enlargement.

RhB Ge 4/6
RhB Ge 4/6
RhB Ge 4/6



Body RhB Ge 2/4 222


Finally pictures are available of the body with which you can translate a standard LGB RhB Ge 2/4 (2x45x) locomotive into a RhB Ge 2/4 222



  • All sides according the original
  • Etched Messing plates
  • Roof as the original
  • Fits on a LGB undercarriage
  • Original LGB lights and interiorparts are re-used

RhB Ge 2/4 222



New Pricing

Starting 2-1-2016 new prices will be used. Most prices are the same as last year, although some models had a very small raise (1,6%).

A few models are taken of the price list. If you still have interest in these models, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contactform.






The first model from production: Volkswagen T2 which will go into a starterset!





The webshop for Automobilia is live!


Webshop AutoMobilia



Click here for more information!





Finally: the kit to transfer a LGB Ge 2/4 into a number 221 or 222 is available.

The body is sprayed (in the colour of your choice). All parts needed that are not available on the LGB donor-loco are in the kit. Parts like lights, the pantograph etc. are used wfrom the donor-loco. The part also contains two etched builder-plates. The price for the kit is € 799,-. When you don’t want to do the conversion yourself and supply us with a donor-loco, we offer this as a service for € 999,-. We’re happy to send you additional information via Email

RhB Ge 2/4 Umbausatz



Click on the pricture to see the color of this model of the RhB Ge 4/6 354!

RhB Ge 4/6 Schokoladebraun



RhB Ge 4/6 in chocoladebrown, matching the LGB Schotterzug

RhB Ge 4/6 Schokoladebraun